Living with a Mental Illness: Here's Some Motivation


Living with a mental illness is no easy task. The perspectives shared in this video are obviously easier said in front of a camera than they are being put into action. However, I know that those of you who watch these videos are unique individuals who see the power and opportunity in struggling. You see that there is a bright side to any situation in life no matter how negative or impossible it may seem. You can overcome any challenge that comes your way and see your decisions all the way through no matter what the outcome. As said in the video, let’s canoe in the pleasant lake but also take time to white water raft!

Now, I realize that mental illnesses are hard to live with and to talk about with loved ones or professionals. If you believe you have a mood disorder (depressed for weeks, anxious for no apparent reasons for a prolonged period of time) please reach out to someone. This video is meant to help those who are struggling with mental illnesses but does not replace professional help. Some of the best advice and help I ever received was from my psychologist 🙂
We’re all in this together.


These videos are meant to breakdown the stigma of mental illness and take a bit of a lighter approach to recovery. Mental health does not only involve the mind but has a direct correlation with the body. I do my best to make videos that describe treatments that can help both the mind and body while making them fun and motivational. My main focus on this channel is depression and anxiety since I experience both personally.

Let’s fight the stigma together. You have the strength to overcome whatever you may be struggling with at this specific moment in time. Never give up. Never surrender.