Life of Pi Soundtrack – Pi's Lullaby (REACTION!)


I first read Life of Pi about 10 years ago, and the movie and soundtrack did this story justice. I am completely blown away by Pi’s Lullaby and how it surfaces emotions. It is sung by Bombay Jayashree which means I have to listen to more of her music. I felt sadness and joy at the same time and loved every single second of Pi’s Lullaby.
When we think about Life of Pi and really any kind of movie, the music adds a whole new dimension but is critical to get a true emotional response. Just imagine a movie you love without the music and you’ll see what I mean.
Music for the Mind is meant to bring levity to the channel and for us to come together and enjoy the beauty of music together. I love discovering new music and obviously listening to it. Music is a large part of why I love living.


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