How To Deal With Anxiety – 10 Proven Anxiety Treatments


In this video I share 10 treatments and tips on how to deal with anxiety successfully. If you have a diagnosis for an anxiety disorder or feel anxious from time to time, as we all do, you will find these tips helpful. Of course I could create 10 more anxiety treatment videos because there are so many things you can try. However, in my personal experience, these 10 have lowered the feelings of anxiety considerably.
The reason they are proven anxiety tips is because I have also heard personal testimony from people who did these things. Research has been done for a lot of the anxiety tips but others are fairly unconventional and you may not have thought that they could impact the way you feel. Well my friends, prepare to be amazed!
The video is broken down into two parts: The first deals with tools that help anxiety symptoms in the present moment. The second part deals with the source of the anxiety and works longer term.
I would also like to mention that these treatments don’t necessarily only work for anxiety. These are rituals I hold to simply live a fruitful and healthy life. Whether you have an anxiety disorder or not, these are just 10 proven ways to enjoy life a little bit more.
Now obviously I would like you to watch the video but in case you are strapped for time, which means you really shouldn’t be reading this anyway, here are the 10 Tips for How To Deal With Anxiety:

1. Dynamic Meditation (Full Video:
2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Download Sheet:
3. Exercise
4. Medication (Pharmaceuticals)
5. Changing Eating Habits
6. Talk to Someone (
7. Mindfulness/Meditation
8. Create a Set of Values
9. Plan a Future and Routine
10. Figure Out Your Triggers


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