Depression Motivational Video: Why Am I Suffering?


We can recognize when we are suffering or fighting through something very difficult. This is a new perspective on suffering that I think you will enjoy and is obviously a motivational video. It’s true that no one wants to suffer but in my experience, this is a gateway to growth. Now, depression has a way of slowing us down and making life seem completely pointless. I know it is nearly impossible to see right now but there is opportunity by you going through depression. There will be a time where you thank depression and suffering because it made you value what life truly has to offer. Depression and suffering will allow you to see the light so much more clearly and appreciate the simplicity of life. So, here’s a question:
Who doesn’t want a perfect life with no pain, suffering, anxiety, sadness and fear? Of course you want to avoid suffering and increase pleasure but this isn’t always possible. Suffering is inevitable and we need the tools and perspectives so when it comes, we aren’t completely kicked on our butts and unable to get up. These are things we avoid in our lives and do the best we can to overcome. However, no matter how hard we try, there will always be pain and suffering in this world. It’s a hard truth but it is the truth.
Depression will have you asking questions about purpose and why this is happening to you. I don’t want to tell you that you will be thankful for it right away but I promise you when you get through it, which you will, you will be grateful. I promise.


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