How To Offer Support To Someone Who Is Struggling – Pt2


Many who struggle with mental-health challenges wonder why people don’t step up and support us. It may be partly because we don’t share what we’re going through (for many reasons.) It is also partly because we have not been taught HOW to be there for someone. What should we say? When should we say it? What’s helpful? What’s not? Our guest, Sam Dylan Finch, shares 11 ways his loved ones have supported him in mental health crises. They are proven, doable things that could really lighten someone’s load, or even save a life. We detailed five ways in part one. This episodes explores the final six ways to suit up and show up for someone who is struggling. Please listen and share. The more we know the better we can support our loved ones. And the more they know, the better they can care for us.

Complete list:

Link to Sam’s How to Reach Out for Support episodes:


Source by Giving Voice to Depression